Indigenous Business chat with Susan Anzolin

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Indigenous peoples can increase their ability to access funds for investment purposes, especially when it comes to owning businesses, starting new businesses, or producing art. But the question is how?

We recently got a chance to chat with Susan Anzolin, Special Advisor, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Office of the President, at the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. As the Director-General, Susan worked with businesses across southern Ontario to be more innovative, and productive and to help scale-up efforts; support community development and diversification; support companies impacted by COVID-19 through the delivery of the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund. Susan was also responsible for all of the programming delivered by the Agency to support inclusive growth, including the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy; the Black Entrepreneurship Program; and the Economic Development Initiative.

In this podcast, Susan shared the knowledge of some programs and business development offerings Feddev has in place for the growth of indigenous-owned businesses and how these create opportunities for economic security and financial resilience for Indigenous Peoples. She also shared her advice for Indigenous entrepreneurs moving forward.