Innovate to Impact: Erica Hakonson on Entrepreneurial Growth

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Join Erica, Founder of Maven Collective Marketing, as she discusses strategies for Microsoft Partners to stand out in a competitive environment. As CEO of Maven, the Microsoft Partner digital marketing agency, Erica highlights leveraging partnerships for client value, translating values into tangible benefits, and guiding partners for impactful journeys. Erica’s commitment to social responsibility and a positive community impact sets the tone for a business approach beyond just numbers. Discover the keys to success and impactful business decisions in this insightful podcast.

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Uncover the secrets to Microsoft Partner success with Erica, CEO of Maven Collective Marketing  in our latest podcast. Learn how to stand out, add value, and make a real impact in your business journey. Working with over 500 MS Partners, Erica’s expertise goes beyond the numbers, emphasizing social responsibility and community impact. Tune in for concise strategies that will elevate your approach to business.