Innovating SME Success: Strategies and Insights with Abhitej Singh

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In the latest episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we delve into the world of business strategy and technology consulting with Abhitej Singh, a renowned figure in the field. Since joining ALTA in 2017, Abhitej has dedicated himself to driving growth in small to medium B2B businesses. His approach involves conducting thorough process discovery workshops, creating detailed process maps, and identifying crucial technology and process gaps that hinder business performance.

Abhitej’s expertise doesn’t just stop at identification; he’s an adept facilitator, conducting training sessions and implementing change management strategies to ensure businesses achieve their goals. His unique ability to translate complex business needs into clear technology requirements has been a game-changer for numerous companies. Abhitej’s strategies are particularly suited for growth-focused leaders in mid-market technology and professional services firms, guiding them through the nuances of sales, strategy consulting, and coaching with a globally recognized growth system.

Key Highlights:

  • Abhitej shares his approach to tackling the evolving challenges in the professional services sector.
  • Insights into why ALTA specializes in professional services and how this decision impacts their strategy.
  • Abhitej discusses the future role of artificial intelligence in consulting and professional services.
  • Key tools and strategies that are effective for scaling small and medium enterprises.
  • How incorporating diversity is integral to Abhitej’s growth strategies for SMEs.
  • Abhitej offers crucial advice for SME owners aiming to scale and innovate in today’s competitive landscape.
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We extend our deepest gratitude to Abhitej Singh for sharing his invaluable insights and experiences. His leadership and guidance are pivotal in empowering the small business community towards success.

We also thank our partners for their unwavering support – RBC, UPS, and Xero. Their contributions are fundamental in our mission to empower small businesses nationwide.

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