Innovation in the construction industry

Listen On was founded by two recent Brock University grads Emma Kirwin and Asad Jalib. It is an online marketplace for beneficial soil reuse. helps save Ontario construction teams money by cutting out landfill tipping fees and reducing trucking fees. They have also been saving small businesses thousands of dollars throughout the pandemic and are committed to helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

We recently got the chance to chat with Emma and Asad. Emma is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree at Brock University and calls London, ON home. Emma is passionate about chatting with the DirtMarket community and learning more about the construction industry every day. While Asad oversees DirtMarket and DirtTrack’s technology and continues to evolve the offerings to meet the demands of their users.

In this podcast, they shared their biggest challenge as being young entrepreneurs, how they raise funding for their venture and shared a few tips and advice for other young entrepreneurs out there.