Innovative Retail Solutions in Challenging Times: Featuring Roshan Jhunja

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In this enlightening episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Roshan Jhunja, the General Manager of Retail at Square. A visionary in the retail technology space, Roshan has an extensive background in quantitative finance and investment banking, bringing a unique perspective to retail technology. At Square, he has been instrumental in empowering retailers of all sizes, providing them with innovative hardware and software solutions. This episode delves into Roshan’s insights on current trends, strategies, and advice for small businesses, especially in the face of the challenging economic landscape.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Insights from Roshan on this year’s holiday season trends based on Square’s data, and how they compare to previous years.
  • Discussion on how Canadian SMEs differ in their strategies and trends compared to global businesses, according to Square’s data.
  • Roshan shares how Square’s sellers are adapting in the current economic environment, including strategies for resilience.
  • Explanation of the term ‘Gift-flation’ and its impact on consumers and SMEs.
  • Highlights and statistics from Square’s recent Black Friday data, focusing on Canadian businesses.
  • Personal advice from Roshan to small business owners and recommendations on tech tools from Square to explore.
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We express our sincere thanks to Roshan Jhunja for his insightful contributions to this episode. His expertise and guidance offer valuable perspectives to retailers navigating the current economic landscape.

A special thank you to our partners—our exclusive banking partner, RBC, our exclusive shipping partner, UPS, and our exclusive accounting software partner, Xero. Their support makes these enriching conversations possible.

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