Inside CEE Centre’s Mission with Executive Director Agapi Gessesse

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Step into our newest episode as we host the remarkable Agapi Gessesse. Serving as the Executive Director of Toronto’s CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, Agapi stands as a beacon of change and empowerment.

Episode Highlights:

– Delving into the heart and vision of the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals.

– An insight into the unmatched support and opportunities the CEE Centre provides for Toronto’s Black youth.

– Unpacking the driving forces and impacts of the “Black Youth Can” and “Who I Really Am” campaigns.

– An intimate glance at Agapi Gessesse’s journey, emphasizing her unwavering commitment and the pivotal changes she champions.

Our profound thanks to Agapi for her generous insights. A shoutout to our cherished partners: RBC for bolstering small businesses, UPS for broadening business horizons, and Xero for decluttering entrepreneurial finance. We call upon our listeners to resonate with and champion the endeavors of the CEE Centre, playing their part in catalyzing positive community transformation.