Insights into WEOC’s Impact with Alison Kirkland and Marcede Sebelius

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It is another amazing episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast. In this special episode, we highlight the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) National Loan Program. Our journey into this impactful initiative offers unique insights and inspiring stories from the forefront of women’s entrepreneurship.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Alison has been a pivotal figure in the women’s entrepreneurial ecosystem since 2019. She plays a key role in guiding the growth and impact of WEOC, including managing the $30 million National Loan Program launched in 2022.
  • This government-announced initiative provides essential funding and support services to women entrepreneurs, aiding them in their business journeys.
  • Marcede Sebelius, a beneficiary of the WEOC loan, shares her journey of opening ‘Lavanda’, a café in Winnipeg. Her personal experience highlights the transformative impact of the program.
  • This episode delves into the objectives, achievements, and future aspirations of the WEOC National Loan Program, offering valuable insights for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs.
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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Alison Kirkland, CEO of WEOC, and Marcede Sebelius, for sharing their inspiring stories and experiences. A special thanks to our partners – RBC, UPS, and Xero – whose support is crucial in bringing these empowering discussions to our audience. For those keen to explore more insightful dialogues, we invite you to subscribe at  Embrace the knowledge and inspiration each episode offers, and let the synergy of technology and expertise guide your entrepreneurial path.