Insights on Social Media & Branding For SMEs with Alessya Baggetta

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On this International Women’s Day episode of our podcast, we are excited to have a special guest who is a branding and social media expert and the founder of her own agency. With years of experience in the industry, she has helped numerous businesses establish a strong brand presence and effectively leverage social media for growth. She is also a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs and has some great insights to share on launching and growing a successful agency.

Today, we are talking with Alessya Baggetta, Founder and CEO of Alessya Baggetta Designs 

Alessya Baggetta is inspired to build brand experiences through authentic graphic design and creative content. Realizing her artistic passion from a very young age, she attended York University and Sheridan College to complete a specialized graphic design honours program and from there began offering creative services to her family and friends. Eventually, her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to blossom this business into a thriving boutique design studio