Johanne Leduc – A Resilient Business Owner to Watch

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International Women’s Day was officially declared in March 1911 with the backing of more than a million people who called for an end to discrimination and for women to work, vote, hold public office, etc. Today it is celebrated by millions worldwide as a time to reflect on advancement and honour women, advancing the movement for gender equality.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day 31 years later and celebrate this throughout March, we are moving into an uncertain future. We all know that businesses can be fragile, but what’s less well-known is how to create one with the right mindset. The following advice will help you avoid common pitfalls and build your own resilient business from scratch!

We spoke to Johanne Leduc, A Resilient Business Owner. The Cookstown Foodland isn’t new, but the owner is. With years of experience as an Orangeville grocery store owner, Johanne Leduc was quite comfortable taking on ownership of the 24-hour Foodland. She purchased the store so she could provide customers with matchless offers and irresistible deals. Johanne’s father has always been her mentor and inspiration. When she entered the Tottenham Foodland store in 2012, she used the lessons she learned from her father to embark on a new journey. One towards building a grocery store that not only reflected her community but increased its overall value by becoming a shopping hub to encourage people to shop locally.

Even after 25 years, Johanne is just as dedicated to the Sobeys company. She currently owns two stores, the one in Tottenham and the Foodland in Cookstown that she recently purchased. While operating two stores has come with a lot of challenges, it’s also been very rewarding for Johanne.

In this podcast, Johanne shared her career journey into the grocery industry, how she overcame stigma working in a male-dominated industry and what career success means to her.