Journey to Self-Awareness with Renowned Coach Roula Badis

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In the latest episode of the Small Business Podcast, we are privileged to host Roula Badis, the visionary founder of Roula Badis Coaching from Montreal. A beacon of hope in life and business coaching, Roula enlightens us with her philosophy rooted deeply in inner transformation and unyielding commitment. Throughout our conversation, we dive deep into the intricacies of coaching, understanding the layers of self-awareness, and uncovering the adventures of entrepreneurship. Roula passionately shares her journey, revealing both challenges and victories, and discusses the core values and motivations that paved the way for her coaching venture.

Key Highlights:

  • Dive into Roula’s compelling journey, learning about her challenges, victories, and the inspiration behind her rise in life and business coaching.
  • Unveil the significance of self-awareness and dedication in the transformative process and its implications in personal and professional domains.
  • Acquire entrepreneurial wisdom as Roula sheds light on essential strategies for budding entrepreneurs and the essence of building a prosperous enterprise.
  • Gain insights into the world of coaching, understanding its profound impact on individuals, and its role in fostering heightened self-awareness.
  • Learn about the foundational pillars of Roula Badis Coaching and how it distinguishes itself in today’s competitive coaching landscape.

Concluding another enlightening episode, our time with Roula Badis was truly insightful. Our gratitude is boundless not just to Roula for her treasured wisdom but also to our partners – RBC, UPS, and Xero for their unyielding support. For those who found resonance with today’s conversation and are yearning for more, don’t hesitate to subscribe at Until we meet again, may your journey be filled with learning, growth, and inspiration.