Key Insights – Agility and Adaptability in the Workplace

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The most successful organizational pivots are those that focus on changing the mission, vision and values of an organization. This can be done through a strategic re-evaluation or by creating new strategies in line with changing market conditions

I am joined by Mike Fast who was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh Canada in April 2021. With over 30 years of Ricoh experience, Mike leads the Canadian team in their mission to Empower Digital Workplaces and has played an integral part in the company’s growth. Drawing from experience across numerous functional areas within Ricoh, Mike has deep knowledge across Technical Services, Marketing, Managed and IT Services, Product Management, Contracts, Billing and more. Mike is squarely focused on ensuring that all areas of Ricoh Canada continue to drive innovation that improves the experience of Ricoh’s employees and customers.

In this podcast, Mike shared his experience, and lessons learned over the past 18 months as he assumed his role as CEO at Ricoh midst pandemic, he gave some examples of successful organizational pivots and discussed best practices for entrepreneurs, business owners and other SMB leaders.