Key Insights – Digital-first marketing strategy for SMBs

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Marketing strategies are constantly evolving to stay relevant in this ever-changing world of technology. One way that small and medium-sized businesses can ensure they remain competitive is by implementing a digital-first marketing plan into their business model, which will allow them the ability not only to target potential customers but also build trust among existing ones with personalized content tailored specifically for each individual’s needs

To learn how we got the opportunity to chat with Eric Fletcher, Eric Fletcher was appointed the VP of Marketing at Ricoh Canada in 2012. Since then, he oversees the Ricoh brand and manages services and product portfolio marketing teams, marketing communications, demand generation, public relations and corporate social responsibility initiatives. As part of the Executive Management Team, Eric works with leadership to strategically align Ricoh’s transformation to a digital services-led organization.

In this podcast, Eric discussed the importance of having a digital-first marketing strategy for SMBs, where should an SMBs start from, and how can Ricoh help SMBs make the most impact with their digital marketing efforts.

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