Key Insights into understanding holiday shopping season

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The 2021 holiday retail season in Canada is here and it’s shaping up to be an exciting one. Canadian shoppers are showing more interest than ever before on Twitter, which could prove good news for businesses looking at how they can get ahead of this trend this holiday season!

I am joined by Michelle Slater, Head of Business Marketing at Twitter Canada. Michelle Slater is an award-winning marketer, with 20 years of leadership experience in strategy development, consulting and execution within social, digital and traditional marketing disciplines for both B2B and B2C audiences. As the Head of Business Marketing at Twitter Canada, Michelle leads the strategic planning and execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns to drive awareness and adoption of Twitter with Fortune 100 brands in Canada.

In this podcast, Michelle discusses new insights for the 2021 Holiday retail season in Canada, based on a Twitter Canada study, the general retail trends and holiday-specific retail trends Twitter is seeing with a focus on SME/SMB relevance and what new platform features can do for SMEs and how they can utilize them in their marketing strategies to maximize their Twitter profile. She also gave her advice to entrepreneurs looking to innovate and market their business(es) on Twitter.