Key insights on employee experience

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Working remotely changed your company culture during Covid 19. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been the topic of conversation for many businesses over recent years. But what does this mean? What practices should you implement in order to make sure that people are happy at their desks every day and not feeling like they need an escape from distraction or meaningful interactions with others at any given moment?”

We recently had a chat with Daisy Rajaratnam, Director of Human Resources and Employee Experience at Ricoh Canada. Accomplished leader with 20+ years of experience in building high-performing teams. She’s an agile HR Business Partner supporting complex business sectors including Contact Center, Branch Banking, Finance & Risk.

In this podcast, Daisy shared how working remotely changed the company culture at Ricoh, some remote HR trends she is leveraging in her own work and shared her tips, experiences when it comes to building HR relationships across the company in this new world of work.