Key Insights on Innovation and Startup Ecosystem

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To support youth, Express Innovation Agency has been working hard to encourage young people and promote them to start their own companies in Hungary.

We got the chance to chat with Krisztián Kölkedi, the Deputy CEO of the Express Innovation Agency. His field of expertise is youth innovation and startup ecosystem development. Following his studies, he founded several domestic startups, then started to work with newly founded businesses, developing their competencies and cooperation capabilities through training and mentoring. He has worked as a Youth Strategy Advisor for several corporate leaders in recent years. The main interests within his own field are youth innovation, leaders’ personal development counseling, motivation and goal orientation, failure management, and conflict management.

In this podcast, Krisztian shared his thoughts on the professional programs, value, knowledge, and network opportunities provided by Express Innovation Agency and the resources available to Canadian-based Hungarian startups and small businesses in Canada for their growth and development.