Key Insights on Maintaining Safe Workplaces

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It is important for SMEs to understand their legal responsibilities under OHSA laws to protect workers and have a formal Occupational Health and Safety Program in place. Workplace safety should be taken seriously to avoid potential accidents or injuries. Having a program in place will allow for a more proactive approach to health and safety concerns.

We had a chat with William R. Matetich, President of WRM Safety Solutions Consulting, Inc. For over 13 years now, WRM Safety Solutions Consulting Inc. has been providing small and medium-sized businesses across Canada that special partnership of “with you every step of the way” specializing in Occupational Health & Safety Prevention and Systems Management. We also offer over 300 cost-effective online training courses across Canada in health and safety, human resources, environmental, wellness, home healthcare, long-term care, COVID and technology courses. To date, they have successfully trained many thousands of employees on our online training platform.

In this podcast, William discusses how they work with SMEs, their Occupational Health and Safety Management System and its cost-effective benefits for SMEs, and how to access their 300 online training courses in various industries.