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The key to success for any business is being able to find a good strategy and perfect it. The right pivot will greatly improve your chances of becoming successful, as long as you know what needs improving on the old way of doing things before making changes with this new direction in mind.

We recently had a chat with Kyle Kotack, the President of Skylar Media Group, a powerhouse integrated digital agency, Kyle leads a team of over 25 to build strategic plans and creative branding for forward-thinking clients. In 2001, Kyle joined his father’s print business while still in university, to assist with Skylar’s rapid expansion. After working under his father’s mentorship and guidance for 10 years, Kyle took on a leadership role in the business. After the recession of 2009 through till 2012, Kyle took the instrumental risk to pivot the business away from print which began Skylar’s evolution. Through multiple pivots, Skylar ultimately has become a full solution digital agency that is dynamic by design, ideal for our rapidly changing world.

In this podcast, he discussed, How the landscape for SMEs will change in the next few years and what are the signs that it might be time for a business to pivot. He also discussed the challenges and strategies that should be avoided during a pivot.

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