“Level UP” the Future of Work: Riipen Helping SMEs Access Talent and Scale Growth

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What does the future look like for jobs and how can small businesses gain access to innovation and top talent, especially during a time of economic hardship? These questions keep on coming up as new technology evolves at an increasing rate.

We got the opportunity to chat with Dana Stephenson, the Co-Founder and CEO of Riipen, a future of work platform specializing in scaling access to collaboration opportunities for students and employers of all backgrounds and sizes. Riipen recently announced an expanded mandate around their Level UP program, which connects Canadian small businesses directly to student talent from higher education institutions across the country for 80-hour remote internships projects, at no cost to the employer.

Recently awarded BC Business Top 30 Under 30, Dana’s entrepreneurial journey started when he set out on a mission to end underemployment by ensuring that every learner has access to authentic experiential learning opportunities to better support their transition into the workforce upon graduation.

In this podcast, Dana explained the Level UP program and how the Riipen platform works, helping businesses fund their remote internship opportunities and accelerate growth with student talent. He also shared his advice to aspiring business owners.

For more details about the Level UP program, visit; https://www.riipen.com/levelup