Leveraging Innovative Display Technology to Transform your Business with Mary Peterson

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Today’s small businesses are faced with a new normal. Some have continued to operate as usual, including restaurants and retail shops, while other businesses have had to close up, with employees moving to a work-from-home model. As a hybrid workplace appears, companies are looking for solutions to allow them to effectively communicate with both customers and employees, modernizing the experience with state-of-the-art technology. 

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Mary Peterson, Vice President, Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Electronics, where she provided an overview of the innovative digital display technology that Samsung Canada has available to small businesses, be it for customer communication or staff use in office/in-store. Samsung Canada offers a variety of digital display solutions, from kiosks to interactive displays, to help small businesses leverage modern technology to better serve their customers and employees. 

In this podcast Mary shared her thoughts on the current state of women in technology and why the advancement of women in technology is important as well as how small business owners can leverage innovative display technology to transform their business.