Marketing and Strategy; Keys to SMB Success

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For businesses to succeed, having the right marketing and strategy are essential. A strong foundation of both can be key in helping small ventures realize their potential growth objectives.

To help understand this better we had a chat with Usman Sheikh, founder and CEO of Web Worx Labs. He started the company over 7 years ago to help his friends while working in the corporate world full time in planning & analytics. He loves helping onboard new clients, setting & aligning on the strategy and ensure all projects and campaigns are set up for success. Before starting Web Worx Labs, he was leading organizations towards high growth with a focus on all things including planning, finance, strategy, branding, marketing & analytics.

In this podcast, he shared his thoughts on the importance of marketing and strategy for small businesses, the biggest mistake that small businesses make when it comes to marketing and strategy and how can small businesses create a winning marketing strategy.