Master Israel’s secret rules of chutzpah; a key to raising funds, expand globally and achieve longevity.

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There are rules for pitching a startup in the COVID-19 environment, including key strategies for appealing to investors and raising funds

Please join me in welcoming Uri Adoni, the former CEO of Microsoft Networks Israel and a former partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners. We are going to touch base on Adoni’s highly praised new book, The Unstoppable Startup, which teaches businesspeople how to master Israel’s secret rules of chutzpah — which are key for raising funds, expanding globally, and achieving longevity

Uri Adoni has over 20 years of experience in the high-tech space. He was a partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners Media Labs for over 12 years – JVP is one of Israel’s leading venture capitals. Adoni served on the board of several high-tech companies, both early and late stages. Adoni is a highly visible ambassador for Israeli high-tech and is also an angel investor, investing his own capital in early-stage startups. He recently departed from JVP to join a U.S.-based real estate entrepreneur who is developing a new and innovative approach for building local high-tech ecosystems and communities across the U.S.

 In this podcast, Uri discussed How using the rules and mindset of Israeli chutzpah can significantly increase the chances of success for startups he further elaborated on the importance of having a multinational mentality when creating a startup, to allow for global expansion