Mother’s Day Special with Chantal Mackenzie

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To such inspiring mothers, wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day.

As financial independence is playing an integral role in women’s life, they are beginning to recognize the impact of their decisions on their loved ones.

On this mother’s day special we had the chance to chat with Chantal Mackenzie, Regional Vice President, Canada Protection Plan. where we discussed women’s awareness and education on important aspects of insurance when it comes to financial independence and family planning and the role of mothers in protecting themselves and loved ones in the event of an emergency as a crucial component to achieving financial independence.

With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, Chantal Mackenzie is the Regional Vice President at Canada Protection Plan, a Foresters Financial Company for Alberta South, NWT/YT. 

As Vice President, she focuses on transforming and coaching advisors and general managing agencies with their business growth plans. With an impressive record of success in developing winning growth strategies and building effective teams, Chantal has set strategic direction for brokers and distributors through Canada Protection Plan’s product solutions and tools.  

Over the course of her career, her experience in growing organizations has ranged  from traditional and simplified issue insurance providers.