Optimizing Online Stores and Simplifying Inventory Management

In this latest episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we dive into the world of eCommerce with Jeeven Joseph, the head of Presales and Customer Success teams at Zoho Inventory. With over seven years at Zoho, Jeeven has played a pivotal role in forming strategic partnerships and expanding the product’s marketplace ecosystem. His extensive experience in driving growth and collaboration across functional teams has positioned him as a key player in the realm of eCommerce solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Jeeven discusses the critical factors businesses should consider when choosing between establishing their own online store or expanding their presence in marketplaces, including the implications for branding and customer reach.
  • Insights into the challenges of managing both an online store and marketplace channels, with strategies for navigating these complexities effectively.
  • Examples of businesses that have successfully leveraged both branded online stores and marketplace presence, highlighting the strategies that led to their success.
  • How Zoho Commerce and Zoho Inventory aid businesses in managing their online and marketplace operations efficiently, focusing on features that are particularly beneficial for small businesses.
  • Discussion on the essential market trends and changes in today’s eCommerce environment, with advice on how businesses can remain agile and responsive, especially in managing inventory and orders.

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We thank Jeeven Joseph for sharing his profound insights into eCommerce strategy, the importance of balancing multiple sales channels, and the utilization of technology to streamline business operations. His guidance offers invaluable lessons for businesses looking to navigate the complex eCommerce landscape successfully.

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