Redefining Real Estate for a New Era

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In this enlightening episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we welcome Walter Melanson, co-founder and lead market analyst of Celebrating its 25th anniversary, stands as a revolutionary force in the real estate marketplace and franchise system. Walter, with his vast expertise in real estate technology, brokerage, mortgage origination, and market analytics, discusses the journey of, its impact on the real estate landscape in Canada, and his vision for the future.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Walter reflects on the 25-year journey of, emphasizing the constant drive for innovation in real estate and how challenges have spurred creative solutions.
  • Walter shares his insights on the future of real estate, highlighting the roles of consumer empowerment and technology in shaping the industry.
  • He addresses the influence of international legal developments on Canadian real estate and how these may benefit consumers.
  • The episode delves into the changing nature of real estate commission structures and their implications for the industry and consumers.
  • Walter discusses the powerful ‘why’ behind and its influence on the company’s decisions and direction.
  • He shares memorable anecdotes from the early days, illustrating the challenges and successes that have shaped
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We extend our heartfelt thanks to Walter Melanson for sharing the inspiring story and future aspirations of His insights underline the importance of innovation and consumer empowerment in transforming the real estate sector. Special thanks to our partners RBC, UPS, and Xero for their support. To our listeners, thank you for joining us. We hope this episode has offered valuable perspectives on real estate and the significance of supporting innovative small businesses. Remember to subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine and visit  for more enriching content.