Redefining the Workweek with Joe O’Connor

In this compelling episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we were thrilled to have Joe O’Connor, the CEO and Co-founder of Work Time Reduction, share his groundbreaking journey and insights. A visionary leader in advocating for shorter work weeks, Joe has catalyzed a global movement towards optimizing work-life balance through innovative pilot programs across Ireland, the UK, North America, and Australia. His work, aimed at redefining traditional work models, highlights the importance of efficiency, employee well-being, and the strategic use of technology like AI to reshape how we think about our workdays. 

Key Highlight Points

  • Joe’s path to championing shorter work weeks, inspired by initial research and a deep-seated belief in the model’s potential to transform work culture.
  • The inception of the pilot program in Ireland, its key findings, and the impact on Joe’s mission to promote work time reduction globally.
  • Addressing common misconceptions about reduced work weeks, supported by real-life success stories from businesses that have made the transition.
  • The role of AI and other technologies in facilitating shorter work weeks and the mutual benefits of this integration.
  • Insights from Joe’s latest research and what businesses can anticipate from upcoming events in Winnipeg and Toronto.

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This episode has illuminated the many facets of implementing reduced work weeks, from overcoming obstacles and leveraging technology to fostering a culture of trust and efficiency within the workplace. Joe’s insights and the successes of Work Time Reduction serve as a powerful testament to what’s possible when businesses dare to reimagine the status quo.

Thank you to Joe O’Connor for sharing his expertise and to our listeners for joining us on this journey of exploration into the future of work. Remember, the path to innovation and change begins with open-mindedness and the courage to challenge traditional norms. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Joe O’Connor for sharing his expertise and insights with us. Our appreciation also goes out to our partners, including our Exclusive Banking partner RBC, Exclusive shipping partner UPS, exclusive accounting software partner Xero, and exclusive E-mail partner Constant Contact, for their continued support.

To our dedicated listeners, we hope this episode has sparked your interest in reevaluating traditional work models and exploring the benefits of shorter work weeks for your businesses and employees. Remember to subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine by visiting our official website,,   for more inspiring content and resources.