Revolutionizing Digital Engagement with Kim Atkinson

In this intriguing episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we explore the dynamic world of SEO and digital marketing with Kim Atkinson, Co-Founder and Director at Ontario SEO. With a robust background that blends psychology with digital marketing, Kim brings a unique perspective to the digital strategies businesses need to thrive. We dive deep into the subtleties of SEO beyond mere rankings, the influence of psychological principles on marketing effectiveness, and strategies for maintaining relevance in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Kim discusses why businesses focusing solely on rankings and traffic might be overlooking more crucial aspects that impact their bottom line.
  • Exploration of how Kim’s psychology background enriches her marketing strategies.
  • Strategies for keeping up with constant digital updates and changes to stay competitive.
  • The critical role of businesses maintaining control over their digital assets like Google Business Profile and websites.
  • Discussion on how businesses can leverage social media beyond routine posts to enhance customer engagement and retention.

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Thank you, Kim Atkinson, for joining us and providing such rich insights into the effective use of SEO and digital marketing strategies. Your innovative approach not only illuminates the path for business owners but also encourages them to integrate deeper, more meaningful practices into their digital marketing efforts.

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