Revolutionizing Online Learning: GSoft’s Growth Plans and the Future of Education

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Despite the challenging times faced by the technology industry, a reputable software company based in Canada that enhances employee experience is thriving and cementing its position as a prominent industry leader, not just within Canada but also beyond its borders. We are talking about GSoft. Recently GSoft announced the acquisition of Didacte, a Quebec-City-based company offering a corporate learning management system that supports and optimizes professional development.

To learn more about the acquisition and what’s ahead, we chatted with Martin Gourdeau, President and General Manager of GSoft. Martin is a strategy and technology executive with over 18 years of experience building high-performance teams within various industries. Before joining GSoft, Martin co-founded PNR, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy and M&A.

In this podcast, Martin discussed the current state of online learning and how it can be improved and also shared more about GSoft’s growth plans and why the company acquired Didacte.