RPA Women Entrepreneur Award 2022

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October is Small Business Week! The perfect time to show your support and celebrate all of those small businesses across Canada. To honour the week, the Society of Professional Accountants of Canada will celebrate women’s entrepreneurial spirit during this year’s Small Business Week Celebration in October 2022. In October, at a prestigious event organized by RPA Canada, accomplished women entrepreneurs will be chosen to receive the RPA Women Entrepreneurship Award.

To learn more about the event, we had the President of RPA Canada, Zubair Choudhry, join us. RPA Canada (Registered Professional Accountants) members work closely with small and medium businesses in supporting their needs to create and implement professional and effective standards in their accounting and related activities.

In this podcast, Mr. Choudhry explains the purpose, nomination process, and important steps towards becoming an award-winning entrepreneur of the awards.