Shari Hughson on the power of taking the unconventional path in entrepreneurship, innovation and small business

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Please join me in welcoming Shari Hughson, the Director of the Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Smith School of Business 

Shari Hughson has been an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, social innovator, and extreme adventurer – pushing her limits by living off the land with only the bare survival essentials for 7 years. She started her first business at the age of 25 and co-founded four more companies – two great learning opportunities and two growing tech and data-driven health businesses. She also created a social innovation program in mental well-being that won a National Honour from the First Nations Health Authority of Canada.

In this podcast, Shari has shared some of her most memorable and unconventional experiences as an entrepreneur, social innovator, and extreme adventurer that have contributed to her success and she also shared where does she draw her motivation and inspiration to continue to move forward.