Small Business Chat with Athan Slotkin, The Shadow CEO and Small Business Expert

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This fall, Apple’s iOS 14 update will crackdown on privacy measures for Apple users, causing issues for people and businesses who regularly use Facebook and Google ads to reach new customers or raise awareness on their products or services. For small and local businesses that utilize these features, it could result in a loss of consumership and reachability.

We recently got the chance to chat with Athan Slotkin, The Shadow CEO and small business expert. Athan Slotkin earned the moniker “The Shadow CEO” by working with thousands of businesses to adjust business strategy, see the big picture, and pivot accordingly to market developments. He has 15 years’ experience in strategy consulting, loyalty/rewards marketing, and has created several successful businesses. He consulted with numerous startups at various stages from pre-seed through Series D.

In this podcast Athan discussed how the update could negatively impact businesses, particularly those that offer specialized products and sell exclusively online and why businesses should create an all-encompassing advertising and marketing plan, incorporating additional methods such as email marketing, content production, and strong website traffic.