Small business chat with Brett Colvin

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While Canada has a rich tradition of entrepreneurship, it is home to an ever-growing number of obstacles for founders. In this interview, we will discuss some common legal hurdles faced by entrepreneurs in Canada and what you can do about them

We had the opportunity to speak with Brett Colvin, Co-founder & CEO of Goodlawyer. Brett has overseen Goodlawyer’s growth from inception to a 25+ person team. Brett was a corporate lawyer for 4+ years, and he experienced firsthand that most business owners can’t afford the legal help they need. So, he quit the big firm, teamed up with a developer and a designer, and got to work on building something better.

In this podcast, Brett discusses the legal hurdles faced by founders and SMEs in Canada today, why are these legal hurdles so difficult for them to overcome he also emphasized the importance of access to legal services for SMEs and founders, what are some of the ways that Goodlawyer helps founders succeed. To learn more about Goodlawyer visit