Small business chat with Dan Kelly

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The Canadian Federation of Independent Business marks its fifty-year anniversary this year starting out from humble beginnings back in 1967 when they were just a small organization consisting of only about 150 member companies at that time. Nowadays there are over 100 thousand members spread across all provinces making it an essential institution for founders who want a voice against larger players trying to take advantage of them on taxes or other issues that might come up later down the line. 

We recently got the chance to chat with Dan Kelly, President and CEO of CFIB at our small business podcast. He’s a man who needs little introduction and is well-known for his work in the business industry, as he has been involved in many major innovations over the decades.  Dan has played many legislative and policy roles, including work on the growing shortage of labour, training and immigration, banking and credit cards, and government finance and taxation.

In this podcast, Dan shares CFIB’s greatest accomplishment in its 50-year history and discusses how we can better support small businesses as the economy opens again. CFIB played a very critical role in helping small businesses in Canada during covid as well as moving forward, where Dan Kelly as the president and CEO of CFIB worked 24/7 serving the small businesses community in Canada.