Small Business Chat with De’ana Torresan, Loyalty Leader for IKEA Canada

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IKEA is expanding its support for the country’s small businesses with the launch of IKEA Business Network, a free loyalty program designed with small businesses in mind. Members can enjoy access to exclusive benefits, like member-only discounts, quick-fix design tips, online learning with IKEA, and more. The loyalty program is the latest addition to the planning services and support that IKEA Canada already offers to Canadian businesses.

We got the chance to connect with De’ana Torresan, Loyalty Leader for IKEA Canada and someone who brought this new program to life. De’ana is responsible for the strategy and performance of IKEA Canada’s loyalty programs, including IKEA Family and the recently launched IKEA Business Network. Both programs are free to join and offer member rewards, discounts, and exclusives. De’ana is an accomplished loyalty marketer who brings more than a decade of experience working on the strategy, design, and implementation of loyalty and customer engagement programs for Canadian companies to the IKEA Marketing team.

In this podcast, De’ana shared the features and benefits of this network program and discussed the future of IKEA and its relationship with small businesses.