Small business chat with Mary Ann Yule

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With the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns in place, many aspects of the business world changed and entrepreneurs are still feeling the impact of that change. It is no surprise that this unprecedented situation has created havoc for the business owners and because of the lack of proper technology and resources, the challenges have only heightened. 

To match the evolving needs of business owners, HP solutions is trying to overcome the technological barriers with modernization and innovation. Mary Ann Yule, the President, and CEO of HP Canada Co. is one of the key figures leading this change. She brings 20 years of extensive experience as a leader in the technology industry on the table and is credited with establishing HP amongst the most sustainable technology company in Canada as well as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. 

In this episode of the CanadianSME podcast, we have Mary Ann Yule herself, here to discuss the challenges that the business world is facing right now and how HP Canada is trying to play an irreplaceable part in helping bring about a transformation. Yule also shares her thoughts on the role of digital technology in today’s age in comparison to a few years ago. 

Additionally, Yule believes in a diverse and inclusive work culture, which she tries to bring about in her organization as well. We also try to understand if she found it difficult to juggle all of the different technological strategies and platforms in order to better promote her business and reach a broader audience.