Small Business chat with Paul Gaspar

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UPS has been a crucial partner to small businesses in the development of their companies. UPS is always there when you need them, with reliable and timely shipping services that enable delivery on time every day.UPS has provided an invaluable service for those who want to be successful within the competitive world of entrepreneurship by providing cost-effective transport solutions that meet all your needs wherever they are located; from coastlines or congested urban centers alike.

Welcome to the latest episode of the small business podcast where I’m joined with Paul Gaspar, director of small business for UPS Canada. He is responsible for educating and informing small businesses about the customized services, technologies and innovations available to them at UPS. He works with a team of small business ambassadors who help communicate how to better leverage UPS tools to help them grow and expand both domestically and internationally. 

In this podcast, Paul shares how UPS has contributed to the development of the small business sector and aided in their growth and success and discussed some of the biggest challenges for small-scale businesses in Canada especially emerging from the pandemic in such an uncertain and volatile market.