Small Business Chat with Prabha Ramaswamy

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The recent pandemic has been tough on the business community in Saskatchewan.

We recently had a chat with Prabha Ramaswamy, Chief Executive Officer of Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Prabha merges business and passion as she drives the vision of entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan and beyond. At the helm of SK Chamber of Commerce, Prabha is responsible for the strategic and operations management. Leading an organization of over 500 plus members Prabha builds decisions on business acumen, resourcefulness, and a steadfast vision of what could be. Throughout her leadership and journey as CEO of various organizations, she has led and driven great change for business growth.

In this podcast, Prabha discusses, the significant challenges faced by Saskatchewan business community, programs and business development offerings The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has in place for the growth of Saskatchewan based businesses and the benefits of becoming a member of The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.