Small Business chat with Suzanne Trusdale

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The transition from entrepreneur to a corporate professional is not always easy. The first step in this process requires you to identify your goals, set up a plan for achieving them and commit yourself 100% towards those tasks which will lead directly toward success on the other side!

We got to learn more about Suzanne Trusdale’s journey while recently talking to her. Suzanne Trusdale is the Vice President of TELUS Small Business Solutions. With her results-driven and inclusive leadership style, Suzanne has a passion for seeing her teams succeed and seeking out new opportunities for development. She is invested in TELUS recognition programs to develop talent that spreads throughout the organization.

In this podcast, Suzanne shares her journey from being an entrepreneur to her successful corporate career, what does “one team, one goal” means to her and as a strong advocate of diversity, her thoughts on businesses and organizations that offer mentorship programs specifically for minorities.