Small Business Innovation – Digby is offering Canadians a new way to paint

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Fed up with the status quo of Canada’s $3.5 billion retail paint market, friends and entrepreneurs Jill Torrance and Emily Kinread have redesigned, modernized and simplified every aspect of interior paint purchasing to create Canada’s first online, premium paint shop — 

Since it opened a year ago, Digby has posted quarter-over-quarter double-digit growth — and has been outstripping Canada’s market-wide pandemic-related sales increase of 5%. The duo says much of their success is directly due to how engaged and supportive its design-savvy Millennial customer base has been in helping the company evolve its direct-to-your-door paint concept.

Emily is a seasoned marketing and communications leader with 15+ years of experience creating business strategies and translating them into tactical, actionable plans. While CEO Jill Torrance is a paint industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in manufacturing, merchandising, marketing and design. She joined forces with digital marketing expert Emily Kinread to co-found Digby Paints in October 2019. 

We recently got the chance to chat with both Jill and Emily where they discussed The Digby Paints story – its vision, challenges, and lessons they learned, tips and advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs and how to share responsibilities: focusing on your co-founder’s strengths.

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