Staples Canada – Empowering small business owners as they get back to business

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Staples Canada commissioned a survey of 624 small business owners across Canada to better understand the impact the pandemic had on their businesses. As the Working and Learning Company, Staples Canada supports businesses of all sizes across Canada, fueling this passion for growth, equipping businesses to deliver for their own customers and get back to business.

I am joined by David Boone, Chief Executive Officer, Staples Canada. David is responsible for over 10,000 associates and the company’s retail and online operations, overseeing more than 300 stores and, which carries over 250,000 products.

In this podcast, David highlights some of the key findings from the survey, shared his thoughts around what more could be done for them in order to nurture and grow entrepreneurship and what are some of the ways Staples Canada has continued to expand its support for small businesses.