Strong Focus on Innovation with Lawrence Krimker

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Simply Group provides innovative financing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout Canada. The company is one of Canada’s fastest-growing home energy solutions and consumer lending companies, committed to giving individuals and business owners peace of mind by finding the right financing solution for their renovation needs. Simply Group continues to have an extraordinary reputation and has been recognized for four straight years by the Great Place to Work® Institute Canada.

We recently got the chance to chat with Lawrence Krimker, CEO, Simply Group. Lawrence Krimker has become one of North America’s most accomplished business leaders. As he has managed to revolutionize the residential and commercial energy sector, successfully disrupting and transforming an industry that had grown complacent. Simply Group was born from Lawrence’s vision to change the way Canadians think about home comfort. Lawrence continues to push the company forward with a strong focus on innovation and an unwavering commitment to building mutually beneficial relationships with its dealer network, OEMs, and consumers. 

In this podcast, Lawrences discusses what sets Simply Group apart from other companies in the same industry and shares the main aspects that have contributed to the company’s growing success. In this interview, he also describes his entrepreneurship journey and how innovation played a role in it.