Sustainable Investment and Its Future: Insights with Ka-Hay Law

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This episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast features an enlightening conversation with Ka-Hay Law, Partner at TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good. Known for her pioneering work in sustainable investment, Ka-Hay is revolutionizing the way businesses operate with a focus on financial success and social responsibility. Her journey in impact investment, which began at Engineers Without Borders, spans several continents and showcases her commitment to sustainability and agriculture. This episode delves deep into the strategies and impacts of the TELUS Pollinator Fund’s investments in clean technology and sustainable businesses.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Exploration of recent investments made by the TELUS Pollinator Fund in clean technology, and their intended societal and environmental impacts.
  • Ka-Hay sheds light on the process and criteria for selecting startups and enterprises for investment, offering valuable insights for listeners curious about impact investment.
  • Discussion on the distinctive qualities of companies like Climate Robotics, erthos, and Plentify, and how they align with the fund’s objectives.
  • Reflections on the gratifying aspects of working with the TELUS Pollinator Fund and the unique challenges of impact investing.
  • Analysis of how strategic investments in social and environmental solutions contribute to change at both community and global levels.
  • Insight into the long-term vision of the TELUS Pollinator Fund and its potential evolution in the realm of social innovation.
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We extend our profound gratitude to Ka-Hay Law for her enlightening insights into the world of sustainable investment. Her contributions to the TELUS Pollinator Fund exemplify the powerful synergy between financial success and social responsibility, setting a standard for impactful business practices.

The experiences shared by Ka-Hay with companies like Climate Robotics, erthos, and Plentify underscore the myriad ways businesses can contribute to a sustainable future.

Our appreciation also goes to our partners: RBC, UPS, and Xero, for their unwavering support of this podcast. Their commitment enables us to bring these essential discussions to our audience. Stay tuned for more episodes that delve into the essence of entrepreneurship and innovation. Your involvement is key as we continue to spotlight and support the dreams of entrepreneurs and small business owners globally.

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