Take part in a journey towards better Financial Awareness

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Canadians now have access to Interac and Conscious Economics’ joint Mindfulness & Money program- a revolutionary digital learning platform designed to foster financial confidence. This Financial Literacy Month, join the journey of Canadians propelling themselves towards increased fiscal awareness with this one-of-a kind resource!

To learn more about this program, we had a chat with Aseel El-Baba from Conscious Economics. Aseel spent a decade working in the Canadian Financial Sector. She grew her career in Financial Planning managing a portfolio of $100M on Bay Street.  Aseel is the CEO of Holistic Optimal Wealth, a practice on a mission to explore and heal people’s relationship with money. She is a member of the Financial Therapy Association and the Canadian Association Of Psychodynamic Therapy. She is a thought leader, public speaker and advocate for holistic wealth.

In this podcast, she discussed the details of the program, the top three financial barriers that Canadians face and ways to address these financial barriers. She also shared some important  resources that will help Canadians build their financial confidence.