The importance of future-proofing your business with CDW Canada

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Future-proofing your business is essential to its success.  The world has changed drastically in just the last few years with technology exponentially evolving, and many aspects of society transforming faster than ever before – it’s impossible for businesses not to be impacted by this constant change! A strong idea backed up by sound planning can keep you afloat when all else fails; however, running headless into uncertainty isn’t wise either because there are too many factors outside anyone’s control that could lead them down an unexpected path…

The future belongs to those who prepare now to make sure of any changes coming

We recently got a chance to learn more about some solutions offered by CDW to achieve this for organizations big and small by speaking with Kale Johnson and Shoaib Naqvi. Kale Johnson is a senior sales manager at CDW Canada. He develops small, medium and enterprise sales teams to be experts in IT solutions in order to support a variety of customers from coast to coast. And Shoaib Naqvi is a sales manager at CDW Canada. His team provides customized IT solutions and services to start-ups and small businesses across Canada.

 In this podcast, they also discussed some ways that companies can start digitizing their life or product and what digital tools have been the most beneficial to your company’s success. They also both shared their key advice to small business owners to run their business smoothly during these challenging times