The Journey of Tangible Words by Alysha Dominico

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In this captivating episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we are joined by Alysha Dominico, CEO and Co-Founder of Tangible Words, a successful growth agency. Alysha’s remarkable journey from launching a one-person operation to leading a dynamic 15-person agency is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills. Her achievements have been recognized, including being a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. As a proud queer woman, mother, and wife, Alysha brings a unique and inspiring perspective to entrepreneurship and business growth. In this episode, Alysha shares the story of founding Tangible Words, the pivotal moments that shaped the agency, her experiences as a woman entrepreneur, the balance between personal and professional life, the initiation of the Company Growth Podcast, and how Tangible Words adapted to support its clients during challenging times.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Alysha recounts the inspiration behind starting Tangible Words and the initial challenges encountered.
  • Key moments and major changes that significantly influenced the growth of Tangible Words.
  • Unique challenges faced by Alysha and the lessons learned from these experiences.
  • Alysha’s approach to maintaining this balance and advice for others striving for the same.
  • The inspiration behind the podcast and its role in complementing Tangible Words’ mission.
  • How Tangible Words adapted to support clients during challenging times and key learnings from this experience.
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Our enlightening conversation with Alysha Dominico has been incredibly insightful, and we deeply appreciate her for sharing her journey and valuable insights with us. Today’s episode highlights the significance of adaptable growth strategies and supportive leadership in overcoming challenges.

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