The PIVOT Project led by McGill Professor Dror Etzion

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As you well know, small and medium businesses represent nearly 90% of the total private labour force in Canada, employing roughly 10.8 million individuals. Yet SMEs remain largely excluded from the conversation around sustainability, with most debates focusing on the roles of large companies and government policies. A joint Canada-wide action-research project between McGill University and the National Film Board of Canada is looking to change that.

The PIVOT Project is being led by McGill Professor Dror Etzion, an Associate Professor of sustainability and business scholar.

We recently got the chance to chat with Professor Dror Etzion, to give listeners a deeper look into the goals for the project and how they hope to achieve them. Through storytelling and research, the project aims to hold up a mirror to Canadians to showcase the concrete sustainable steps SMEs around the country are taking to contribute towards a greener future and highlighting the efforts of a large and important group in society currently excluded from the conversation.