The Psychological Edge in Business Negotiations

In this enlightening episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we sit down with Ben Wise, the co-founder of Captivate. Ben, alongside his colleague Darren, has transformed his journey from a novice to a master in sales and negotiation, demonstrating that these are skills that can indeed be honed over time. At the core of their company, Captivate, lies the mission to empower others by teaching the psychology of persuasion in business through newsletters, speaking engagements, and training sessions. Ben shares his entrepreneurial journey, the emotional intelligence in decision-making, the basic human truths that influence change, tactics for improving persuasion, and strategies for incorporating psychology into business practices.

Key Highlight Points

  • Ben discusses the critical moments and lessons learned throughout his entrepreneurial path, highlighting the value of adaptability and self-discovery.
  • Insights into how understanding emotions can significantly influence the outcomes of negotiations, emphasizing the role of empathy.
  • Ben outlines three fundamental truths that affect decision-making and change, offering a blueprint for effective persuasion.
  • Practical, actionable tactics that anyone can employ to boost their persuasive abilities in business contexts.
  • Strategies for integrating psychological principles into business operations, including tips for beginners and common pitfalls to avoid.

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Our conversation with Ben Wise and Darren Chiu in this episode has shed light on the indispensable role that psychology plays in business, particularly in the realms of negotiation and persuasion. Their expertise reminds us that understanding the human aspect behind business interactions is crucial for success. By applying the principles and tactics discussed, entrepreneurs can navigate the complex landscape of business negotiations with greater empathy, effectiveness, and strategic insight.

A heartfelt thanks to Ben and Darren for sharing their profound knowledge and to our listeners for tuning in. This episode underscores the importance of continuing education and the application of psychological insights in the business world.

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