The Struggle Is Part Of The Story – Overcoming Obstacles as an Entrepreneur.

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It is a time for celebration and we should take this opportunity to reflect on how much has changed since the first women’s day back in International Women’s Day events have grown from humble beginnings into an international movement that spans every continent. The goals set out by such celebrations as achieving equal rights or just basic dignity can now be seen everywhere – even if they’re not fully implemented yet, these advances are still significant steps forward!

In today’s women’s day special, we chatted with Adrianne Fekete. Adrianne is one of the first women to venture into running fully licensed, private investigations and security businesses in Canada. She is, certainly, the lady with the longest tenure in the role to date. She has led her agency to success repeatedly as a straight-talking, transparent and compassionate leader committed to ensuring safety and uncovering compelling evidence that reflects the truth.

In this podcast, Adrianne discussed the obstacles female entrepreneurs face when growing up, the challenges that she faces as a CEO of a business and how the landscape for female entrepreneurs is changing.