This Toronto Entrepreneur is Helping Keep Employees Safe Worldwide Amid COVID-19

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As a result of COVID-19, every single business in the world is incurring higher costs as they figure out how to deal with employee safety. In this podcast, we are chatting with serial entrepreneur Ariel Mashiyev, who has startup, iLobby, introduced breakthrough employee screening technology at the onset of the pandemic – now he’s helping Ontario businesses meet new COVID-19 regulations.

In 2017, serial entrepreneur Ariel Mashiyev took over a small three-year-old company that had developed a simple visitor sign-in app for businesses. Three years later, Toronto-based iLobby is a global leader in enterprise visitor management solutions, setting record month-over-month growth, and now helping companies in more than 45 countries keep their employees safe with automated screening tools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. iLobby is a great example of innovation, learn more about Ariel’s thoughts on how small businesses can embrace innovation.