Thoughts on business Innovation with Nicholas Reichenbach

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Sustainability and protecting natural resources are central to the Company’s purpose

Flow Water Inc. is a premium spring water company with a diversified line of wellness-oriented beverage products sold online and at retailers throughout North America

Please join me in welcoming Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water​, a seasoned executive & serial start-up, investor and consumer product entrepreneur, Nicholas has built a robust track record, founding, creating, and building multiple businesses in the consumer goods, social media, internet/mobile technology, entertainment and hospitality space. 

He founded flow with a vision and purpose to inspire the wellness of the world with the power of water. In 2015, he saw an opportunity to utilize the abundant, beautiful water from his family’s artesian spring in South Bruce County, Ontario, and inspire change toward more mindful consumption.

Recent years have seen a slow but significant turn away from plastics due to the awareness of its negative impact spreading amongst the general public. While the reduction of plastic bag usage has been holding the spotlight, plastic bottles play just as big of a role in this global situation.

In this podcast, Nicholas discussed how Flow Water is addressing the global plastic problem, what initiatives has he put in place to ensure the environmental aspect and why does he believe it’s important for entrepreneurs to be innovators.