TikTok – Expanding your Audience and Business

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Marc Shapiro asserts, “The world has changed, we have to change with it.”

Who knew that creating films might provide you the chance to be financially secure and develop a community regardless of your profession or culture? Well, TikTok did it!

Today, we host Danielle Johnson, the Head of SMB Account Management at TikTok, and Connor Curran, the founder of Local Laundry, to discuss the rise of TikTok and the ways in which it has benefited not just thousands, but millions of SMBs.

Danielle is a strategic, collaborative, and solutions-focused advocater. She has spent her career generating results for brands and businesses. In addition, she has prior experience in media planning for large-scale campaigns spanning television, print, digital, content, and web development. Local Laundry’s founder and co-founders Connor Curran and Dustin Paisley bring experiences from their respective fields to cement the foundation of Local Laundry. They are on a mission to make clothing better and donate over $1 Million to local charities across Canada by 2030.

In this episode, Connor discusses the significance of understanding which platforms resonate best with your brand values. Danielle offers some efficient marketing strategies that can help small businesses engage with clients online and achieve their goals. In addition, they both emphasize posting content consistently and revealing your true, raw personality.